Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

Teaching the importance of internationalism... viewing reality from multiple perspectives. What a powerful narrative Chimamanda Dichie shares in  The danger of a single story. Her delivery and message resonates with me on multiple levels. There are multiple short stories that make up who we are. Personally, having been born in the Latino culture equipped me... Continue Reading →

Creativity- Requires time

PIE teachers continue to experiment with this concept, Creativity- Requires time, allowing children to experience what it means to be creative. I am thinking of ways in which we can honor this idea with can we make it happen when there are so many competing elements and compelling demands on teachers' time?    

EARCOS Learnings

I have been re-energized by this morning's keynote, and other presentations at EARCOS. My main question remains: how come leaders do not act as promptly as we should when the evidence is so clear? We cannot continue to think that learning theories that have existed for over 100 years are just that, theories. We now... Continue Reading →

My Learning Story

For some time now, I have been wanting to begin blogging as a way to record reflections on and about my practice, to note ideas of interest and general musings. Attending the EARCOS Leadership  Conference has inspired me to get going with this. So here it is!

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