Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

Teaching the importance of internationalism… viewing reality from multiple perspectives. What a powerful narrative Chimamanda Dichie shares in  The danger of a single story. Her delivery and message resonates with me on multiple levels.

There are multiple short stories that make up who we are. Personally, having been born in the Latino culture equipped me with the threads needed to weave the fabric that has become my life. Teaching and living overseas has certainly added different colored dye to the richness of that tapestry.

Different perspectives are what make life interesting.. perspective is only gained through experience. Living and working abroad is a powerful way to gain a broader view on life, on circumstances. Nowhere else does the idea of multiple perspectives apply more poignantly than in Indonesia, my current host country. As I live and work here, I cannot help but continue to marvel,  at the cultural plurality that exists.

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