EARCOS Learnings

I have been re-energized by this morning’s keynote, and other presentations at EARCOS. My main question remains: how come leaders do not act as promptly as we should when the evidence is so clear?

We cannot continue to think that learning theories that have existed for over 100 years are just that, theories. We now have over ten years of neuroscience research that reaffirms what many theorists have professed for years.

  • We cannot process more than seven discreet pieces of information at once.
  • Understanding is hampered when presented with segmented information. Our brains seek connections.
  • We understand at a deeper levels when context is explicitly tied to our learning.
  • Experience alone is not a particularly effective learning; we must unpack the learning- turn experience into understanding.

With the above knowledge, we now have enough scientific backing for action. My own thinking has been pushed… questions fill my mind…

  • How might I move forward with some tangible steps upon my return to campus?
  • How can I inspire others to use what we know

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