Soon after she took her first education course, Elsa knew that teaching was her calling. Since then, she has had the pleasure of teaching, leading and learning in nine different countries. Currently, Elsa is the head of a 1000 student division at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), in Indonesia. Central to Elsa’s professional philosophy is the idea that children are competent learners with an innate curiosity about the world. Elsa’s love of inquiry-based learning guides her daily work. Her devotion to teaching and learning has led Elsa to continuously inquire into what constitutes a quality experience for all learners (3 years old to adulthood). The journey continues…

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, Elsa attended Michigan State University’s graduate school of Education, obtaining two Master’s degrees- Curriculum and Teaching and Educational Leadership. It was there that Elsa’s love of curricular work and commitment to growing leaders began.  She was an adjunct professor for MSU, teaching a week long course in their program in Plymouth, England and has led professional development for teachers and administrators at the Principal Training Center (PTC), East Asia Regional Conference of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) and African International Schools Association (AISA).

Her work at JIS has included aspects of leadership that range from leading and supporting a shift in philosophical approaches to teaching and learning, to being involved in a master planning process for campus development, to strengthening the school’s image through government relations, specifically with the Ministry of Education. Elsa’s latest passion focuses on supporting the expansion of leadership capacity throughout the school, with special attention to growing teacher leaders, middle level leadership and highly effective teams.

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